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We are a full-service operations support company led by a team of finance and operations professionals.

We help companies - large and small - build responsive, high-performance teams to support functions across their organization. Our employees are all university-educated and undergo a rigorous screening process; of the thousands of applications we receive annually, fewer than 5% are hired.

Our mission is to connect businesses with talented university graduates in Africa that would otherwise be unemployed.

We are headquartered in Oakland, CA, with operating centers in major cities across West Africa.

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Our Solutions

Customer   Support

Our omnichannel approach lets customers effortlessly engage with you – where and when it’s right for them. And our innovative tools let agents help more customers in less time, which means delighted customers more of the time.

Operations Support

We get it. Back office work can be time-consuming and a drain on management mindshare. BUT it is integral. To everything. That’s why at Hugo we won’t just manage your processes; we’ll work constantly to improve them, leaving you to focus solely on processes that directly impact the company’s future.

AI/ML Data Labeling

We specialize in building datasets of people of color, and training datasets that will impact their lives. We want to ensure that people of color are not only represented, but that they are represented with an empathy that is often missing.

Our Approach

Outsourcing isn’t just about cutting costs; it’s about competitive advantage.

Curate Teams

Top-tier talent

Drive Performance

Innovative technology and processes

Transform Organizations

Intelligent capacity building

So we take the time to learn not only about your business and what sets you apart from the competition, but also to understand your “sacred cows” – those little (or big) things that can never be compromised. No matter what.

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What recent clients are saying about us

"What I like most about working with Hugo is their belief that customer interactions are as much about resolving issues as they are about mining consumer insights. Our customer service agents have been fantastic, but the weekly consumer insight reports have really changed the game for us."

Stephanie Botelho - Founder, FitzRoy

“With practically no supervision, Hugo scaled from 4 agents building 25 vendor pages weekly, to 40+ agents building 250+ pages in 3 months.”

Elisa Ndour - General Manager, Faire